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In an era of global challenges in education today is the erosion of the values ??of character and integrity of an education. It is part of the impact of science and technology advances in the digital era has brought tremendous changes to the order of social life. However, the positive impact of the ease of access to information and communication is also a strategic opportunity in the development of Islam in the management of educational institutions such as Islamic schools are more transformational according to the demands of the times. This needs to be addressed with wise by the managers of Islamic educational institutions Islamic schools in order to maintain its existence as an investment in the future of civilization.

Therefore, the Departement of Islamic Education Management (MPI), Tarbiyah Faculty and Teacher Training, State Islamic University of Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta held a Public Lecture about "Pesantren and International Islamic School" in order to address concerns and challenges and the opportunities. The activities held on Friday, March 17th, 2017 at the Theatrical Room Tarbiyah Faculty and Teacher Training was attended by about 200 students MPI. With invited speakers from Malaysia, namely Ahmad Fathoni, Ph.D as Teacher of Seven Skies International Malaysia and Kyai Irwan Masduqi, Lc., M.Hum as Director of Assalafiyah Islamic Boarding School Mlangi, Yogyakarta.

In his keynote speech Dr. Ahmad Arifi, M.Ag said that Islamic educational institutions such as the boarding school became the oldest educational institutions in Indonesia. "Pesantren from the first until now has been instrumental in maintaining the cultural values?? of the nation and the Islamic values?? which rahmatan lil'alamiin especially cultivation of character values ??(akhlakul karimah) on students (santri)’ said Dr. Ahmad Arifi, M.Ag as Dean FITK.

Although schools now begin work on the field of formal education or integrated with public schools as a form modernity of Islamic educational institutions. However, the development of Pesantren should keep uniquely pesantren cultural characteristics such as respect (ta'dzim) for the Kyai (teacher in the pesantren) as a process of character education and studi of yellow book or classical manuscript (Kitab Kuning). In addition, the Islamic educational institutions also need to equip students with skills and his students life skills such as entrepreneurship and independence soul in order to prepare the next generation of creative, innovative, and productive work in the face of world competition and Asean Economic Community.

Dean ranks of Tarbiyah Faculty and Teaching and Depoartement of MPI highly appreciated for the implementation of this public lecture. Hopefully, through this public lecture times can open new horizons and knowledge for students Departement of MPI as a prospective entrepreneur education and the future of Islamic education institution managements. Graduates or outcome from Departement of MPI is expected to become problem solving in the community, especially in the management of Islamic education by integrating scientific pesantren and other public science.

Reporter: Poniman (Director Redaction of Student Pers “PARADIGMA”-UIN SUKA)

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